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Trap for the payment

 Plz be very careful about the payment trap.

Once you are not notice the payment plan, even you are not using it, it will keep auto-debiting from your credit card. I is not help for even you try to argue with.

It is feel so bad for over paid for 7 times that are total in $203. It sucks.

Hey Pat,

Subscriptions are not an uncommon business model generally and they are used widely in all sorts of industries. We do not hide the way that we do business, the recurring nature of the monthly and yearly payment plans is displayed clearly when you pick a plan.

When it comes to making a payment the biggest words on the page are that this is a subscription payment plan and we show you what you will pay now and what will be charged in subsequent months.

We then have a simple tick box which the purchaser has to acknowledge before a payment can be made which outlines future payments will be automatic until you cancel. 

We've also been sending you emails every month when you payment is taken with invoices to make sure you know it's coming out so it's not being done by stealth

As you can see, we approach our obligations to customers in terms of payments very carefully and have gone to great lengths to ensure anyone signing up is clear this is a subscription. 

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