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Voice over no sound

I am using the videoscribe trial version and trying to add a voice over. 

I tried to import an mp3 file but it didn't work. Not only was there no sound but it showed that the audio file was only 1.9 seconds long which was actually 30 seconds long.

Anyway, I moved over to recording the whole thing myself but that does't seem to work as well. Even though it shows that the audio is 30 seconds long, it still does not play any sound when i play the video.

I can only hear the music i added from the videoscribe library.

Please take a look into this and tell me the solution.



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You may want to attach the mp3 file here if you would like anyone to provide specific feedback about what is wrong with it.

Typically, most problems can be resolved by opening and resaving the mp3 as a dual channel stereo mp3 file using something like audacity with more universally accepted settings.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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