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first character of text draws out of order

On several of my videos, once rendered, the text writer will write out a word or phrase, skipping the first letter, and then adding that at the end.  

1) why does it do that (it does not appear to do that during preview while I'm editing)

2) how do i make it write it in the correct order.


i have the words:

"here is a videoscribe phrase"

on render, the hand writes:

"ere is a videoscribe phrase" and then adds the "h" at the beginning last.




what version of videoscribe are you using?

What font are you using?

Can you save the problem text as a .scribe file and attach it here?

VideoScribe version 3.3.2-1.

Font = Basic (the default when you start with VS)

when I extract the phrases into their own files, it doesn't happen.  And it doesn't happen when previewing within VS.  Only on render.

would changing the frame speed help?

I have not experienced that problem, so I am not sure what might cause it or resolve it, without seeing a project file.

-Mike (videoscribe  user)

Have you tried restarting videoscribe or rendering a different video format?

I had the same thing happen twice, the first letter is omitted and it only appears once the rest of the sentenced is spelled out. I do not know what causes it, but a workaround that worked for me was to separate the problematic word in two textboxes (one being the first letter, and the other being the rest of the sentence) and then put them next to each other to appear like it's one word. 

 If you can attach a .scribe file containing the problem, That file may help other people identify the cause and find a solution.

I have the same problem.

Try changing your animation time slightly for the element thats having the issue (if it has an animate time of 1 try changing to 1.1 seconds) and render again. Try rendering via as well.

If you have further issues, raise a support ticket

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