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Little "tails" on my stroke paths in custom images using Illustrator


I'm having a problem in all my videos with my drawings.  The place it's most noticeable are the characters' eyes but it happens on other objects also. 

I'm getting strange little "tails" at the end of the stroke path that make their eyes look all wonky or extend the stroke on other objects. 

Look on this video in the very first drawing. The two police eyes are not quite right. Sometimes they are much worse than this too:

 On this video, you can see it on the house curtains (duplicated on all 3 windows) at 00:01:05

I've attached two corresponding AI files to the scenes mentioned above. 

Sometimes I try just redrawing the paths, but it just happens again in a different way. 

Please help.  Thanks. 

the handles on some of your anchor nodes are probably pointing the wrong way.


Hope that helps,

Mike(videoscribe user)

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