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Where is the image folder on my PC

Hi all

I wish to add my own images to videoscribe and I want to add them all together but I can't find a way to do this as I can't find the folder where the images are stored locally. The only way I can do it is to add one image at a time and even then when you videoscribe the image is gone, so you need to re-upload it again.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

I'm describing this from memory so hopefully I will get the details right.

There is no way to permanently add your own images directly into the videoscribe library, or delete images from the library. Videoscribe checks the library when you login, and updates it to make sure it matches the most current version of the official library. Some of the library images are only stored online and not on your computer.

However, you CAN create your own personal image library locally.

Make a  folder in a location of your choice on your computer. Label it something obvious, like "videoscribe images". When you click the import image icon, videoscribe always looks in the most recently accessed folder, so you won't usually have to search for it.

Inside that folder, figure out how you want to categorize your images and put each category of images into a zip file with a logical name.  For example, if you only have 50 images and they are mostly cars, people and animals, you could make zip files named,, and If you have many many images you may need to make more specific zip file names so you can find images more easily.

In videoscribe, when you click the icon to import an image, and then click one of the zip files, all of the images inside the zip file will be displayed in a manner similar to the library images.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

This is very helpful, but it would be so much  better if the imported zip file could persist in the list of libraries, at least for a single editing session. I am in the position where, if I have assets in a zip, every time I wish to access an asset I must import the zip - not a lot better than importing individual files.

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