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Change the Colour of Images feature

Love the new change the colour feature...

Our project uses all our own artwork- is there a way to get our custom work doing this- It would take make life so much easier.

Yes you can, we're working on some more advanced image creation tutorials and will cover this in detail there... but the basics of it is that VideoScribe is looking for a layer name within the SVG and if that's used then any colour fill in that layer will be changeable. If you export one of the colour change images from VideoScribe (right click on it on the canvas, Export to SVG) you can open it in Illustrator and see the layer names and structure of an image that changes colour and just replicate that in your own images.

Thanks for this Barry.  You guys rock!

I noticed in the case of the scribe in your example there is a tooltip for what is possibly changed- I've taken a screenshot.  

Where in the file do we place that information?


There are 5 specific layer names that VideoScribe looks for in the SVG and each one will result in those options in the image and a specific palet behind for skin tones for example. If you export that image and look at the layers you can see the four colours you can change are in specifically named layers:

  • vs-primary
  • vs-secondary
  • vs-hair
  • vs-skin

  • We don't have this one on this image but 'vs-highlight' will also change in the app and is used on the highlight version of our images

Thanks for taking the time Barry.  We're gonna put this to good use. 

Much appreciated

No problem at all, glad we could help!

Has a question about creating colour changing images in Inkscape.

Appears they have a different approach to SVG layers and given that this feature is dependant on layers at the moment I do not think you can.

If any Inkscape gurus are reading this and have any ideas please share them.

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