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image layers not matched

Hi, please help me with two questions:

first question:

I have three layers of image matched up with each other, when i upload to

videoscribe , I click "set camera to current position" to each file, but the three layers are not matched up. can you tell me what's wrong?

second question:

I have a hard time finding two matching hands with a sharpie and a brush. I tried to add my custom hard, but it doesn't look good. Is there a way to find more hands besides those in videoscribe? I wish videoscribe could add more hand options.

thank you!

option 1) in illustrator or inkscape, add a transparent filled path that completely encloses ALL of the other paths in.

When you save your separate SVGs, include the transparent path with each  SVG. import them all into videoscribe without changing the camera position. The new SVGs should align perfectly.

option 2) you don't have to use a separate SVG for fill colors. If tyou can't make an SVG with line art and colors that draw correctly, then you are doing something wrong. Upload the SVG and explain the problem.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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