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New release does not allow to "copy and paste" camera position

Let’s say I put together my video with all its camera movements and positions, then I decide that I need to add a new element in the middle of it. With the previous release of Videoscribe, setting the camera in the same position of the elements that preceded and followed this new element was fairly easy, I just had to start a preview and stop on the element that preceded the new one, then select the new element and click "set camera to current position".

With the new release this is would not work, because every time you stop the preview the camera position resets to show all the element on your timeline.

I really don’t understand why they decided to change this in the new release.

Is there any way to achieve the same goal?

Just found out, I was using the 3.2 release and did not know there was a 3.3 that fixed this issue.

I have version 3.3.1 and the copy and paste functions are not working for me...has anyone else had the same problem and has figured out a solution?

Hi Vladimir, 

Are you using the copy and paste buttons in VideoScribe, or keyboard shortcuts? What computer are you working on?

We have a newer version of VideoScribe, 3.4. Please update and let us know if the issue persists. 

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