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Most Awaited Feature Request

There should be Option to Multiply/Add in properties of the layer.. 

What will happen with it?:

When you have two layers like one in black and white and another colored one, then we can multiply colored one to make black visible out from colored, as like in photoshop, we know what happens when we do multiply. 

Example Attached, without multiply and result with multiply.

VideoScribe is a whiteboard animation tool so if you draw an image on top of another on a whiteboard you are going to get this effect. 

You can create images in illustrator and order them so the outlines are drawn first and they then colour in and the colour just shows withing the lines but if you break out into seperate images they are going to draw on top of each other.

The techniques for this are discussed on the Making SVG Images Draw Well (2017 update) forum post.

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