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A portion of the drawing hand remains in my render

In a couple of places in my scribe when rendered the drawing hand remains partly on-screen as the scribe is programmed to pause before moving on to the next element. Once the next element kicks in the hand is gone.

Any tips on how to make sure that the hand is completely off screen? I've tried tweaking timing a little, but either I've not stumbled into the correct combination, or this problem doesn't respond to something that simple.

Hoping others have run into this and have work-arounds.....

I'll attach a screencap of what I see. The partial hand being pointed to shouldn't be there.

If you attach a .scribe file here, or save your project online and raise a support ticket, someone might be able to identify what is causing that unusual behavior.

If by "programmed to pause" you mean that you have added an extra element to create a pause, then that is most likely the culprit.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

No. not an extra element, just a lengthy delay while the accompanying audio discusses what's on screen.

I'll probably open a ticket. Thanks!

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