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drawing path problem

can anyone help me with this? I drew   from left to right in inkscape with bezier tool, but when svg files plays in videoscribe, some lines starts from left to right, some lines from right to left, also

i drew a shape starting from left to right, then right to bottom, but in videoscribe it starts from left, then comes to bottom, then bottom up.The path is totally different than I planned. Would you please let me know how to fix this?

thank you!

attached is the file, the first tie drew well, the other two drew in different order than I created. 

thank you for your help!

Looking at the way you have constructed them the first tie is 3 seperate lines (4 if you count that there are 2 paths for the top line) and VideoScribe will draw them in order starting from the bottom of the layer. 

The other 2 have even been drawn as one or had the stokes grouped so they are one object and draw in a smooth motion

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