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Problem with latest version (3.3.1)

 I have just upgraded to VideoScribe 3.3.1 and immediately hit a problem.

Previously, if I clicked twice on a frame at the bottom of the screen the main screen would zoom to the exact position where that frame would appear, that is, as it was when I set the camera to that position.

Now all I've got is the entire presentation all squashed up in miniature (screenshot attached) and if I double-click on the frame all I get is the menu to edit that frame.

I can magnify it, of course, but that won't take me to the exact position that I set the camera to.

When I click to play my presentation (which was made using the previous version of VideoScribe) it plays normally, but how do I get to preview my presentation? If I can't see it as it will play I can't edit it.

This seems like a huge step backwards to me and a classic example of if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Is there any way I can revert to the previous version?

Best Answer

We have just released v3.4.0 of VideoScribe and this brings back the double click the timeline element to show the camera position function as well as a number of other extra timeline functions. Upgrade to the latest version of VideoScribe to make the most of this new addition.

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yes you can uninstall the current version and install any older version that you have downloaded.

Hmm. Thanks for the suggestion, but I tried that; I installed the previous version (3.2.1), but the double-click frame to snap screen to preset camera function that I relied on so much is now disabled in that version too! I even downloaded the version before that (2.3.7), which had a lot of flaws, but at least had the double-click frame function, and that function is disabled in that version as well.

I just want to be able to see the main screen with each frame in its correct position, as I was able to 12 hours ago. Why is that so hard?!

maybe customer support can weigh in on this with some suggestions, because I don't think 2.3.7 has changed. Perhaps you have not uninstalled the new version and then installed the old version correctly.

Yes, I have opened a help ticket with them, but they're still in bed in the UK.

Meanwhile, the problem is escalating. I have 2.3.7 on another MacBook,  and on running it I found the same problem there. I downloaded 3.2.1 to a Windows computer and it's the same.

You know the feature I'm talking about, right? The one where you double-click on a frame at the bottom and the main screen displays the contents of that frame in the position that it was set to with the camera? It's a vital function, and it's just disappeared from all versions of VideoScribe across all my devices.

It used to be that clicking once on a frame would bring up a pop-up from which I'd select "properties" in order to edit the content of the frame, and clicking twice would show the frame contents in their correct position on the main screen. Now the pop-up menu has disappeared, and a double-click takes me straight to the editor. There doesn't appear to be any way to view the frame contents in their correct position on the main screen, making editing impossible.

Am I the only person having this problem? I'm in the middle of a project, and this is holding me up badly!

Yes, I am familiar with it. Here is another thread discussing that twice clicking a thumbnail in the timeline displayed the current camera position for that element in versions older than 3.2. The method was changed in version 3.2 so that you now have to view the properties popup and then click the "view camera" icon. (This new method is less convenient in my opinion).

I am still using version 3.0.9-3 which still works the old way. (twice clicking the timeline thumbnail will show the current camera setting for that element.)

Additionally, you might be experiencing a related zoom out bug described in this thread:

Hi! Thanks for the reply. Wow! I was reluctant to click on the camera in case I changed the existing setting, which I knew was correct. The "undo" feature is very unreliable in my experience and I didn't want to take a step that I might not be able to reverse. OK, so now I understand, but I have to say I hate it!

What's worse, I can't find any way to get back to a version that does things the old way, which I was comfortable with. Both previous versions available on the download URL have the new feature. I guess I'm just going to have to get used to it, but I'm not happy.

Still no response to my ticket with customer support, but I guess I don't need them now anyway; you've set me straight. Thanks again!


We need to VOTE for this feature to get it back. We need to team up and spread the word to get other users to vote it back in. 

I also miss this feature where the camera would update when you clicked on the image on the timeline. I have been using VS professionally for over 5 years and really found this feature useful. Since it has gone my team won't update as they don't want to loose it. I find my work rate is slower without it. 

It seems the feature requests are all done by votes so we need to rally together and see how many others are missing this, and try to get all the votes/ likes in one place on the feature request forum.



Perhaps the VideoScribe developers could work on a "preferences" menu that would give users a range of options for which commands control which features. For my money, that would be more worthwhile than adding to the image library (SVG images can be created easily enough using other software and uploaded to VideoScribe) or improving the audio recording options (it's far simpler to render the Scribe as a video and add audio tracks afterwards).

VideoScribe's strength is that it provides a platform on which SVG files can be combined and arranged into a sequential presentation. To build on that strength it needs a flexible and intuitive interface. I personally was happy with the version I was using previously. Perhaps in time I will get used to the new system, but I can't help feeling that being able to call up the properties menu by double-clicking on either the frame or the screen content is overkill, while the camera position feature - which, to my mind, is equally vital - is very fiddly.

This is especially so on a Mac, where the control+click "bug" issue has still not been resolved and four mouse-clicks (four!!), three of them on very small icons, is the only option. Incidentally, the lack of a right-click option means there is no "undo" feature on a Mac, unless a Windows-style mouse is plugged in, and even then if you inadvertently set the camera to the wrong position the undo feature doesn't work. Issues, issues!

But others may be happy with the way the latest version works, and if it came to a vote maybe they would win it. That's why I would like to see a menu of preferences/options that would give the user a choice. That way everyone's a winner.


The double click to jump to camera view was amended in v3.2.0 - and this was based on user feedback asking for it to open properties instead. 

The jump to camera view moved to the timeline quick menu in the same release.  Once you are on that view in the quick menu it will hold that view for each element you select (that is a new preference). 

We have had mixed feedback on this change, some love it, some not so much. We're feeding anything we get into the development team and they will review it and decide if it stays or flips back to how it was.

Anyone who needs a link to v3.1.1 which is the last version with the old timeline please raise a support ticket. It's not available on the website anymore but we can give you a download link on a provate ticket if you want to go back to that.

Thank you, Barry. OK, I have an open support ticket, so I'll raise this issue. I think I'd like to have both versions, just for a while at least, until I either come to terms with the new method or decide to stick with 3.1.1.

I'll just repeat what I said before, though; double clicking on the frame *and* on the element in the main screen *both* take you to properties (= very convenient), while the *only* way (on a Mac) to get to camera view is by making four clicks of the mouse, each involving a movement of the cursor (= pretty fiddly and inconvenient). Both features are vital (at least I use them both constantly), and there's a clear imbalance there that I think should be addressed. My tuppence worth!

And I'm not sure what you mean when you say "Once you are on that view in the quick menu it will hold that view for each element you select". That's not what I'm getting. I have to repeat the whole process (four cursor movements and mouse clicks) for each element.

Hi Barry,

thanks for the update. Yes, it would be great if the dev team could give it another look. 

Glad to see there are a number of threads popping up about this issue. 

I also experienced frustration dealing with these new change this past week. I'm in the middle of a project and always am super nervous going to a new version, as there are occasionally changes that will suddenly change the flow and add unexpected time to a deliverable. 

Please, please, please inform us in the new version notes when something like this happens with direction on how to change to a new process. I rarely use the Quick Menu button, so I would never have found the Find Camera Position button that is buried there. I can't be the only person (I think John mentions this above).

I had a bit of a hiatus from using Videoscribe, so I missed the initial change to the function of double clicking the thumb to go the camera position. What I did find helpful, was stopping the video in preview mode and VS staying in that scene. It made it a whole lot easier to make small edits - hugely important where I am adding multiple layers, tweaking times, and lining elements up next to each other. That functionality seemed to go away, too. Not sure why anyone in edit mode would want to zoom out every single time you stopped in preview mode. The prominent expand button can do that very easily. Can you see about adding this back?

I am also in agreement with John that the image library and audio tweaks are very low on the priority scale for people who use VS professionally with a higher need for customization. But I am guessing you have data that says differently for the broader market.



We have just released v3.4.0 of VideoScribe and this brings back the double click the timeline element to show the camera position function as well as a number of other extra timeline functions. Upgrade to the latest version of VideoScribe to make the most of this new addition.

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