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Very little art selection, or am I missing something?

So, you're going to charge me nearly $50 CAD every month. My very first project, I need an "x-ray" image. I type it in to the image search, and I get nothing but an option to pay $8 for some extremely mediocre clip art. Am I missing something? I thought this application had a lot of selection. If not, it seems like it's just a fishing expedition to get people to buy clipart from another company, and gosh! would you look at that, you own that company too! Is it going to be the same with the music? As a freelancer, it looks like if I have to buy every piece of "premium" art I need, it's going to cost me more than 25% of what i'm charging the client just to complete the job. I'm beginning to understand why people gouge for these whiteboard videos. Please tell me I'm wrong.

There's an image request thread somewhere here in the pubic forums if you want to request the addition of specific types of images to the library.

Images that are marked as "for sale" in the library have been uploaded and priced by subscribers and other artists, not by sparkol, in case you were curious about the pricing.

If you cannot find an image like an xray in the library, one idea is to use a doctor image from the library, import a simple black rectangle and then use one of the skeleton or bone images from the library on top of the black rectangle to make your xray image.

Or you could use a simple frame image from the library to represent the xray lightbox, and then find a free xray image from the internet, or make your own.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Here's the What images would you like to see? post that Mike was referring too, please feel free to post there if you cannot find something you need. There are just shy of 5000 images in the Library and we regularly add more as you will see from that thread. Over 1000 of them now have colour change options as well to make them more useful to people.

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