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Importing and using multiple audio files in a single videoscribe project

Hi, Is it possible to Import and use multiple audio files in a single videoscribe project?

 Guys, somebody please answer this:

Scenario1: I have an audio recording or an imported audio file which while it plays for a few seconds and pauses. I need to explain and elaborate upon played audio through whiteboard animation; then the audio recording plays again for a few seconds more and I continue with the explanatory whiteboard animations. it continues all along the audio recording.

Scenario2: I trimmed the audio recording into many pieces of a few seconds. Can I import all these audios at once and embed them in my sequence of whiteboard animations?

Of course, I can create whiteboard animations separately for each small audio recording and then club them all the videoscribe videos in an external software like After Effects but this spoils the joy of a continuous workflow in a single software.

How to do this in Videoscribe?

Videoscribe is wonderful but why doesn't Sparkol make it feature rich like Drawing arrows  and shapes within Videoscribe instead of importing them?

Else, if Videoscribe can develop some kind of a videoscribe plug-in for Adobe Illustrator/After Effects from where it can process the vector graphics and make a whiteboard animation from there?

You can have 2 audio tracks on each scribe. 1 voiceover and 1 music track. The voiceover can be recorded in VideoScribe or imported as an MP3. The music track can be selected from the VideoScribe music library or imported as an MP3.

You can combine multiple audio tracks into a single MP3 and then import it into VideoScribe. A good application to use is Audacity which will also allow you to add silence.

I have been asking the same question for 5 or 6 years. The concept that you can create a hundred different frames that do a hundred different things, but you can only imnport a single audio file, significantly reduces the value of Videoscribe. Just think if when you made a Movie that you had to combine all the tracks into one before you could add it in....

Music is fine, but thats usually not the key feature. I have wanted to add multiple audio tracks becuase its impossible to make a scribe and have precise timing for the audio - in the end, you have to guess how long the audio is going to be than try as hard as you can to adjust the length of time videoscribe stays on one feature. its really the hard way to operate.

It is far easier to make many audio tracks and drop them into the time line....but the way it works now, is the audio starts from the beginning - you cant make it start elsewhere...

it seems to me a pretty basic function that is needed, but it has been ignored for years...

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