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Videoscribe 3.3 Bug

While the new SVG color feature is great. This version still have nasty bug

1. When preview, the audio keep running. also when it's finished, the camera go on full zoom, even though the 'zoom at end' feature is off.

2. the element tab (that contains camera option, duration, etc) will closed when you choose another element. in the previous version, it keeps open. 

3. the 'view element's camera position' comes in instant, while it's not troubling me, it doesn't looks good. Why not keep the 'transition' effect that happen when you view elements camera position.

4. please, change the option when we double click element, to instantly view elements camera position. instead of opening element properties. you already put the element properties button in the left bottom side of the element. why do you need the double click to open the properties ? 

5. when you choose an element, and drag it, IF there's another element above the element that we choose, the element that we choose won't move, instead, it move the camera (WTF?!).

it'll be better if we can only move the element that we choose. instead of what we click. because sometimes we're working with complicated element, and have no time to move out another element above, just to move the below element. (or even use keyboard to positioning it)

I'm a 6+ years videoscribe user, I even sell my work for videoscribe image library..., Sparkol please fix this ..

same problems I am facing. 

I have a different suggestion for viewing camera position.  

They should give a 4th button on elements thumbnail on top left corner to view elements camera position. it would be a relief.. i dont know why they are not implementing keyboard shortcuts... it will be a big relief. 

Choosing hand should not show preview... when we work with multiple hands we already know how it looks... instead they should give a preview button on corner of the hand's thumbnail to see the preview.

These are the basic improvements need to do. But they are focusing on changing object's color. Who needs it.

I'm thinking that the elements thumbnail are chaos already with 3 button, 4 button will basically make you can't double click the element itself. 

I agree with the shortcut tho, it can make everything easier. Not always depend on button or stuff. The color object is actually useful IMHO. 

I'm experiencing the same issues here... Very frustrating. I'm going back to v3.2.1

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