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How Is The New MultiColor SVG Work ?

I try to do a research about new multicolor SVG. Turns out it contains multi layer named vs-skin, vs-hair, vs-primary and vs-secondary, which is 4 color that can be changed in Videoscribe

So I want to ask, how Videoscribe process this kind of SVG ? The SVG contains closed path in the most bottom layer, since Videoscribe process from the bottom layer to top. Then it SHOULD BE the color layer processed first (giving weird thin path that will fulfilled with color instantly), but instead, Videoscribe process the path layer first. and then process the invisible path (that will reveal the color), and bypass the closed color layer completely

So I wonder, how exactly videoscribe process this layers ? which layer first processed ? why the color layer is bypassed ? I try to add bitmap layer and it doesn't work (Videoscribe process the color layer instead bypass it). What is the condition so Videoscribe will bypassed the color section (thus only process the revealing path or simply pen/pencil path) ?

Thank you for your help

filled paths with no stroke will not draw an outline in there are any stroked paths in the SVG.

Fills always appear last unless they are revealed by a stroked path.

stroked paths draw from bottom layer to top layer followed by paths that are 1 nested layer deep, then 2 nested layers deep, etc. More details below.

Threads about SVG drawing order:

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