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white border on images

When I render a video with several images in a sequence - the 23rd image and all there after have a white border on them. It doesn't show up in videoscribe - only after I render the video. Is this a common occurrence?

If  you are stacking more than 23 images on top of each other that could cause problems. You could stack 20 in one location and then use a zero transition time to jump to an empty part of the canvas to stack the next 20.  If you use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the camera and images, you can probably align them perfectly and seamlessly without changing the zoom setting. Make sure to set the camera properly for images 21 and higher.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks Mike. This hasn't been a problem in other videos. This just popped up when I was editing a previously rendered video. It played fine until this edit. I don't see why it should matter how many images you stack.

You could provide a screenshot, attach the .scribe file here, or save it online, and raise a support ticket if you think it's something else and you want support to look at it.

You could also try closing and reopening videoscribe if you think it might help.

Thanks again Mike. I placed the images using the 'draw' mode with a '0' animate time. I changed them all to 'morph' mode and the video rendered just fine. Problem solved!

thanks for sharing your results!

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