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Replace text on computer monitor image

I have two questions.

1. The video I'm creating has a computer monitor and text is written on the screen. How can I keep the same computer monitor and replace the first set of text with a new set of text?

2. How can I pause at the end of the scene before the next scene appears? Some scenes jump to the next scene in a split second and I want to give more time to the scene. I've gone into the settings and added more time, however it didn't fix the issue. 

Hi Kaitlin.

1. You can use Fade in and fade out or Erase an object to replace 1 text element with another.

2. If you are adding pause time to the last element in a scene but there is no pause when you play back the scribe, you may be experiencing the results of a bug. We have discovered an issue in the latest version of VideoScribe (3.2.1) which we are working on a fix for. If you pause the scribe during playback, the pause and transition timings of the elements get discarded when you play back the scribe in future. This can cause issues with timings on your scribes.

You can avoid this issue while we fix it by saving your work, restarting the software, loading the scribe and avoiding the pause button when playing back your scribe.

We are hoping to have the fixed version available soon and we will announce VideoScribe version 3.3's release on the VideoScribe blog.

If you cannot wait for the new version, you could revert to the previous version which can be downloaded from

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