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VideoScribe developed in Adobe Flash and produces Quick Time Videos?

Hello, my firm is trying to evaluate videoscribe as a learning tool. We are getting ready to migrate to Win10, and use MS Office 2016. Research on videoscribe indicates that it is developed in Adobe Flash and Produces Quick Time videos? Since Adobe is killing off Flash Player in 2020 and Quicktime for Windows has been unsupported since 2016, what is your foundation for a platform or security? What happens when Flash Player and Quick Time go away?

Thanks for your response.


1) Neither of those players is required to run videoscribe or to play quicktime movies.

2) Also, Videoscribe renders video in wmv and avi formats, as well as Mp4 via

customer support may have more specific or detailed replies.

Thanks for your response. We just want to be sure we are not getting into something that won't be supported later in the future. 

What Mike said is true and also, VideoScribe uses Adobe AIR which will currently continue to be supported and developed by Adobe.

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