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Lack of Color images and where and how to get the images I need?

I need more colorful images and VideoScribe provides few color images. 


***Sparkol bundle- expensive and lack of colorful images

~Few colorful backgrounds

~Few Historical images like Ancient Rome, Greece, Or Religious images (like church buildings)

~Not sure if I should use photos from sites like or because of copywrite? 

~Scribble has limited options and would be costly buying each image:


Does anyone use site for VideoScribe?

Could I purchase GRAPICPOOL mega SVG images at ( to solve my problem? OR is there a better resource?

What can I do to protect my self from infringing on someone else's copyrighted images? I simply want to write book reviews and post them on YouTube.

Are there individuals I could hire for reasonable price to help create some of the specific images I need? I don't want to use a company like Fivrr or upwork because of back experiences in the past.

Lastly, VideoScribe is very user friendly but the lack of images I need is taking me weeks to make one video and I just don't have the time to search for every image I need or pay someone to create it or get stressed about copy write laws. Please any advice on getting color images and photos to use in VideoScribe?  

I have had video scribe for a few months now and have not made one complete video because of this problem. Is there a way to make this image problem more simple?

The five options are basically:

1) Use the image in the videoscribe library. Make sure you use the search function in videoscribe to see SVGs that may not show up in the library folders (I think)

2) Buy or find premade images that are licensed for you to use. is a website that sells SVGs specifically made for videoscribe. more can be found with a web search.

3) make your own SVGs using vector software.

You can learn to make your own SVGs using inkscape or illustrator or a few other programs

related link: Making SVG Images Draw Well (2017 update)

4) Hire a competent artist to make SVGs that will work in videoscribe. You may have to hire multiple artists to produce a single image before you find an artist who can make SVGs that will work properly in videoscribe.  You can find artists on freelancing websites, like upwork or on art sites like deviantart, and you mentioned that you have already tried fivverr. Note:  If you haven't had good luck with freelancers, you may have to screen the artists more carefully, or you may need to explain the SVG guidelines more clearly, or your price may not be high enough to attract competent artists.

5) Buy images or hire an artist to make drawings and then edit the images yourself to make them work in videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


We have around 5000 images in the library and we are always thinking of what more we can add. We update with details of any new images packs we release so check there to see what's been added recently. We also have a post on our public forum called What images would you like to see? and you can add to this if there is something specific you would like us to consider for the future.

With regards custom animations, if you want to avoid the potential of artists who do not know the specifics of VideoScribe on Upwork and Fiver then we have our in house Creative Servces team who can provide anything from a full video to just a few SVG files. 

Images are actually fairly easy to create and you can just find an image you like and trace it if you like. As well as Mike's forum above you may find our Create your own images page useful I would highly recommend this YouTube video which one of our customers has created to walk you through image creation.

Just an update on this, in v3.3 you can now change the colour of over 1000 images in the Library and we added some new colour ones as well.

That's great, thank you! The more images you make the easier will be for new users like me to get started. If my time is consumed with trying to figure out where to get more images, like creating them my own, buying them, or paying someone to make them then this has and will discourage users to go to another resource that provides more and better images to use. 

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