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Glitch when selecting a hand (+ a few more I have noticed)

Hi, I just wanted to hopefully make the developers aware of this very annoying glitch and perhaps someone has a clever way of avoiding it (other than just being patient)...

When I go to change hand, it pops up with an animation of what the hand looks like... well if you click the arrow before the animation plays it freezes... I have lost work multiple times now due to this glitch and have had to learn to just slow down and wait for the animation to play before clicking the tick.

Please address this in the next update.... and if anyone knows of a setting to prevent the preview from appearing in the first place let me know! 

I have also encountered a glitch where if I use cmd+D for duplicating something, it works but later on will create a blank scene randomly that won't go unless I close and re-open the program. I have also had a few times where a scene from much earlier on has been replaced by a later scene, which screws up timing and I have wasted a lot of time fixing this. I have generally learnt to avoid these issues now but thought it was still worth mentioning.


Hi Ben,

The issue with the application freezing if you click the tick icon before the hand preview starts is one that we are aware of and a fix is due to be included in the next release of VideoScribe 3.3). We are hoping to have the new version out this week.

I'm not aware of an issue when duplicating elements. Are you able to reproduce this consistently? If so, please share the steps to reproduce.

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