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video scribes not showing in account

Good Afternoon

I recently had a new pc, so have had to re-download video scribe, I have just logged in to find my video scribes are no longer there

Is there away for me to retrieve these? I always just saved them to my account as I thought I should be able to log into my account anywhere and be able to access/ edit any scribes.

Hi Helen

There is one scribe saved to your online directory which you can access by clicking 'Online Scribes' on the left side of the projects screen in VideoScribe. Any other scribes you created would have been saved locally in VideoScribe on the computer they were created on. 

You will need to log into VideoScribe on the same computer and computer user profile that you made the scribes on. You can then save the scribes to your online directory and this will make them available in your cloud scribes folder in VideoScribe on your new computer.

Save scribes on your computer and online.

Is it possible at all to fetch scribe in reverse from a video that i already published from a different computer.
Fyi, I was on a premium subscription and the video is still available on my profile.

No- you would need the original project file if you wanted to import it back into VideoScribe to edit it 

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