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How to reveal parts of an image piece by piece?

I am sure there must be a way to do it, but I either do not see the option, or I can't seem to figure out how to make the program do what I want.

Essentially, I have a bitmap image, and I want to reveal parts of it, one part at a time.

I use Videoscribe to teach, and I want to make a video showing how to conjugate verbs. So, in Excel, I made a spreadsheet with different verbs in one column, and their conjugations in subsequent rows and converted it into a bitmap. I want to essentially reveal one cell at a time throughout my Videoscribe.

So, as the voice over says "x... x-ed... x-es" I want to reveal "x" when it says "x" and reveal "x-ed" of the chart when it says "x-ed" etc...

I originally tried to place the bitmap on the canvas in its entirety and then cover it with "blank" images. I thought I could just delete the blanks to reveal "x" when "x" is spoken, making it look like it "x" is just appearing, but there doesn't seem to be a way to delete an image. I then tried "morphing" the blank image into a small, invisible dot, so that it would reveal what was underneath, but I couldn't get the morph function to work properly for some reason.

How can I do what I want to accomplish? Any tips would be appreciated.


I am sorry if my request is not clear. Essentially, I want to REMOVE images from videoscribe so that parts of an image, which is already on the canvas in its entirety, become visible to the viewer.

method 1: Use a white SVG from the videoscribe library to cover each word of your bitmap image, and then use MORPH instead of draw as your animation type to morph each 100% opacity white element to a 0% opacity white element. (this requires twice as many elements as method 2).

method 2: forget about the bitmap and just enter each word as an individual text element in videoscribe. arrange them the way you want them and set the animation times to make each element appear when the corresponding words are spoken.

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