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Videsoscribe Does Not Convert Images With Pure White Lines

I'm making a blackboard scribe. I will mostly hand trace my images in Inkscape to get good svg files. But in testing I pulled in a transparent png file that is an illustration in all white. It looks like this when importing.

However, Videoscribe sets the Animate seconds to 0. Even if I change it to 3 seconds, that's fine, but the image only instantly reveals itself, with no drawing at all. The same exact image, brought in with black lines, does set the Animate property to 3 seconds, and properly sketches.

Known issue?

Please attach the white png file for testing.

black file works

white file does not

files attached

When a png image is imported VideoScribe uses the difference in contrast between colours to detect the best places to add the strokes that will reveal the image when it's drawn. VideoScribe cannot distinguish between transparent and white so no reveal strokes are added and the image appears instantly.

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