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Price plus pro images? Alternate resources?

I'm on the last day of a 7 day trial and hesitate to purchase because of the initial price plus it looks like a majority of the images are pro meaning an added cost. And since I'm in trial I can't tell the cost of any image I'm interested in.  

Wondering do you make your own images, purchase images through Videoscribe, or can recommend other image resources? I'm not looking to spend a lot of money for my specific projects. And can't estimate cost since its unknown.

Just as an example, if I search for "network" I get 12 images, most are company logos and the rest are grayed out red banner pro images.

Thanks for the time.

its not a majority of images, and they are not "pro" images. "Premium" images are uploaded for sale by professional artists, so they cannot be offered for free by sparkol.

Yes you can make your own images for free, or you can use the free library images or you can buy premium images (if you have a pro membership) or you can fins svg image anywhere on the web or :

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