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usage otptimization

Hi friends :)

A great 2019 for all !!

I'm using VideoScribe since yesterday and there are some operations (using the default way) that takes a lot of time and produces imprecise results sometimes.

I'd appreciate if you could help me about some questions about usage.

1) About selecting some items: is there another option than Shift+Command+Click in each item ? 

Example: Selecting a region (begin and end) using the mouse

2) Can I select the size of the font by a listbox with their number size ? 

Adjusting it using mouse is very imprecise 

3) Can I select some texts and define the font characteristics for all of them at the same time ?

4) Is there a way to move a group of items together thru the timeline ?

It would avoid the work of move each one individually.

5) Is it possible to present a video and, simultaneously, present other items ?

It would be handy because, during video, images and texts could be present to illustrate the information

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