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Re-edit after publishing?

I'm curious if the working file exists still after you publish it (or if there is a way to copy a scribe before publishing) in case i want to change anything once i see the rendered version?  Can you back into the scribe file make additional changes and re-publish it?Thanks!

Yes, You can save your work file in videoscribe, or online, or export it as a .scribe file. All of those files can be opened and edited later.

Publishing a video is a separate process. You cannot open or edit a video file in videoscribe.

Thanks so much Mike! I have saved it both locally and online, but I had also tried saving it under a different name to make a back-up in case I screwed something up, but it didn’t create a second file - it just changed the name of the file itself, so that had me wondering about what would happen when I rendered it too. Appreciate the quick response! Fantastic! 

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