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Online scribe opens as blank


A colleague of mine is working on a scribe. He saved it online, and now is accessing it from a different computer. He can't open it - so I logged in with his details, and whilst I can open in from the online scribes section, it opens as blank. However, the preview for the scribe clearly shows the images, just like the other online scribes in that account. The others open fine. Also, when I right click to export the scribe and click export to file, nothing happens. Is there some way of checking this file at source wherever it is saved online?

(the account address is and the scribe called "Saudi Arabia").



Just to update - I updated to the latest version of videoscribe, and now I can't even open the scribe at all. I click on it, right click and select "open scribe" and nothing happens.



Looks like that online save has not been successful as we cannot download it either. 

I would recommend deleting the online version you have and accessing it again on the computer it was created on and re-saving it to the cloud. 

OK - thanks, Barry. I'll give that a try.

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