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Question about the "Write with non-Western text characters" tutorial

I wish to use Japanese text in my videos, but am having difficulties.

I tried to follow the tutorial found here ( but do not  get the results I want.

I am going for Method 2, which I am having slight success with. I can get the image to draw nicely, but I have an issue when the hand is done "writing" the text.

The tutorial says to set the Alpha of the strokes to zero, but when I do this, the whole thing becomes invisible; the original image and the lines that traced the text.

I think my issue is that when I am at the step to "select all of my strokes" that I am also selecting the image I am tracing, and when I set the alpha to 0, both the original image and the strokes have their alpha set to zero. I do not know how to trace the image, but then select only the pen strokes while not selecting the original image along with them.

The tutorial doesn't really mention how to avoid this. Is it through use of layers? Any help would be appreciated.


in most programs, after you draw a stroked path, it is the only thing selected. So, after you draw a stroked path, change the opacity setting to zero.

if you google search "how to select a path"+ the name of the program you are using, you should be able to find pretty simple instructions with pictures. Most programs have an arrow shaped selection tool as well as a lasso type tool that will allow you to select individual paths with a click.

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