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What is this line?

Hi, can I know what is this color lines? (green, red) They are showing before color it. They are showing in all color spaces. Anyone can help me? 



help.PNG help.PNG
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It's an extra line that you included in your SVG.

if you want more specific help with an SVG, you should attach the SVG.

No, there's not any line in svg file. Please check attached files. 

I didn't add any extra lines. Please check this svg too

For example, in the green SVG you have a complete drawing of the black line art of the egg which is hidden, and videoscribe is drawing it. only the parts overlapping the green fill color are visible.

Delete all of the hidden layers and paths and all of the path-effects from all three SVGs. For each SVG, just use basic strokes and fills of the correct size.

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