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cut and paste


when i cut an element and paste it somewhere else in the timeline, the actual image on the canvas does not follow it..... i have to go back and move the item on the canvas to the correct placement.

is there a way to cut and paste in the timeline so the element on the canvas follows whats reflected in the timeline?


There is no way to cut an element from the timeline, paste it in a different position in the timeline and have it's position on the canvas updated automatically. The pasted image will be in the same position on the canvas as the original.

A good technique might be to zoom out so you can see more of the visible canvas, then copy and paste the object, then move the object to its new location. Whether you use the arrow keys on your keyboard, or click and drag the object with your mouse, it is easy to move objects a large distance if the camera is zoomed out further. Then with the new object still selected, zoom back in to fine tune the placement.

Yes, good advice. Also, when using the keyboard to move an element (or elements) you can hold the shift key while pressing the arrow key to make it/them move faster.

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