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how do I do as in this example

Hello there

I can do drawing and painting for videoscribe in the inkspace, but when I try to do it in bright color like this video, videoscribe also appears as white space.

What is the way to do this?

I add these pictures as pattern in the inkspace.

I wonder where I am doing wrong?


When you import  a jpg into an svg, you have you choose "EMBED" instead of "LINK"


Mike (videoscribe user)

I did it like you said hello but it didn't happen again.

I am uploading the svg file. Can you examine?

As shown in the picture, videoscribe is also white.

57.6 KB
127 KB
3.svg 3.svg
74.1 KB

In your SVG, it looks like you used that image as a color fill on a path.

Videoscribe does not understand that.

I think you have to use it as a regular embedded image instead.

Maybe someone who uses inskcape can provide more specific advice.

videoscribe can do this. The svg I do with corel draw is what I'm saying, but I can't do what I do with the inkspace with corel draw.

In Inkscape you just need to make the stroked path (black line) have a pattern fill. 

In your original image you have many different paths, some with no paint defined. It also looks like you had the fill as separate objects.

I've attached a copy of your image here where I have cleared the unnecessary paths, added the fill to the stroked path. When imported into VideoScribe the pattern shows up.

3a.svg 3a.svg
68.2 KB

merhaba ben size doğrudan videoscribe verdiğiniz svg dosyasını açtım, ama yine de resimdeki beyaz görünmüyor.

hello I opened the svg file you gave you directly in videoscribe, but it still looks white in the picture does not appear.

I'm not sure, but I don't think videoscribe can understand texture fills. I haven't done any testing.

Here's one method that works:

Import the sparkling orange image into inkscape and leave it on the canvas as an imported image

draw a triangle

copy and paste the triangle so you have two identical triangles

give the first triangle a fill color with no stroke

give the other triangle a big stroke and no fill

place the filled triangle over the sparkly orange image, select them both and set a clip path

(you should now have a sparkly triangle)

place the stroked triangle on top of the sparkly triangle

draw a reveal stroke if you want one.

save it as an svg.

(See attached image)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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