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prob with size

Hello, On mac as I change the size of an image, I can not leave this mode, as soon as I move the mouse, my image continues to grow or decrease. I can not find a way out of this except leaving the program.

Thanks for answer ;o)


This bug gets triggered when ctrl+click is used to bring up the right click menu in VideoScribe on Macs. To release the mouse from the resize handles, you need to try to click again within the resize handle (rather than on the canvas or the image) and it should detach. If you have accidentally de-selected the element and the mouse is still stuck to the image, you need to try to select the image by clicking it's thumbnail in the timeline. Then you will be able to click inside the resize handle to detach it.

Once you have got the mouse to unstick from the resize handle, try ctrl+clicking on the canvas again a couple of times, this can sometimes stop this from happening. If not you will need to save your work, restart VideoScribe and our recommendation is to avoid using ctrl+click. You could set up your mouse/trackpad to right click so the ctrl+click command does not need to be used.

This bug has been around for a long time and many attempts have been made to fix it. It has been re-scheduled for fixing in VideoScribe version 3.3.1 which currently has a provisional release date of February, 2019.


This bug still seems to exist, I will try your fix next time!

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