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Pop in / Pop up effect (RR-1169)

Is this on the feature request list? to have a Pop in or Pop up effect similar to this clip

If you cannot access the animated gif, this is an effect where the image appears, but starts very small and grows to full size very quickly. 

Morph feature can do that if your SVG is made of black stroked paths on a white background.

Thank you for the comment. I just tried it. Looks ok-ish, but It doesn't have quite the smooth Pop in feel that I was hoping for in my example, and needs 2 images to create. 

I still think this would be a great feature to have as an alternative to the FADE IN or DRAWN effect.

Hi Russ

I would suggest creating a GIF for the smoothest animation and importing that into VideoScribe.

The GIF you've added increases and then slightly decreases at the end.

These 2 animations are available through the morph function as mentioned previously, but the combination will not be as smooth as a pre animated GIF.

Please see our instant answer on GIFs here.

Hi Jay

you could apply the same comment to images that fade in.  But you made it a great new feature a little while back.

Loads of whiteboard animations have this effect and it looks really cool. That's why I put it as a feature request

Hi Russ,

This has been sent to the VideoScribe project manager for future consideration.

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