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How can I add more than one music track?

 I have an animation where I used one song to set the drama/climax and want to use a different song for the resolution. I have tracks from the library that I want to use and am wondering how to do that. It looks as if I can only use one track per video.

Based on a previous answer, it looks as if I need to do it as an mp3 in a third party app. How do I download the tracks to do that? I did not see the files on my local machine and would need to add each file to the MP3 track.

It's not possible to download the music tracks from VideoScribe. You could create 2 or 3 separate scribes. One with the intro animation and music, one with the middle part of the animation (you could have different music or no music) and then a third scribe with the end animation and music. You could then publish the 3 scribes separately as 3 videos and edit them together.

Hi Matthew, I think separate two or more videos to add more sing or voice is very complicated. Besides, I'd like to add music AND voice on different tracks.


You can still add music and voice on different tracks, you have 2 tracks available on each project with VideoScribe. 

The limit is that you add one peice of audio to each and it will start at the beginning of your video. Anything more complex that that and you will have to use a free programme such as Audacity to arrange the various audio files into one .mp3 first.

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