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Does the Pause Work in the Trial Version?


 Does the Pause property work in the trial version?

How does Pause actually work?

I "think" after the animation part, pause should stop the camera and any movement - BUT still show the image, is this correct?

In my trial version, I've set the pause to 15 seconds, but as soon as the animation is done, the image disappears and all you see is the (watermarked) canvas. Is this what's supposed to happen?

Frustrated in Philly,

Yes pause works in the trial version. You are right that pause is how long the image remains on the screen after the drawing has finished, before it moves onto whatever element you have drawing next. if you are having issues I would recommend saving and closing your scribe and then re-opening. Should play fine then, we have a bug where pausing the preview can cause the pause time to be ignored until the scribe ius reloaded. We're working on a fix for the next release.

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