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Embedding a Video onto the Whiteboard/Canvas


 I know I can use my own images in VideoScribe and put them on the canvas/whiteboard.....but..... can I put a video onto the canvas/whiteboard?

I am making a tutorial video for some software/website and I want to use a mix of videoscribe and output from a screen casting software (like CamStudio). In the end I want a single video file.

From a process perspective......Because the VideoScribe part has more content that the screen casting part, and because this will start and end with VideoScribe - it would be much easier for me to embed video INTO Video rather than make segmented outputs from VideoScribe and try to embed those into CamStudio (the screen casting software).

For those who may not know - screen casting is software that captures your computer actions in video. Like, first click here, then enter data here, then click here....etc.

It's been a few years since I've looked at this I don't know it's updated capabilities.




You cannot import video into videoscribe.

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