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Morphing a moving car

I have worked out how to morph an image across the screen. Although when I try to make a red car morph down a road, I find that when the car actually moves, it returns to a silhouette of the car whilst moving and returns to the colored version when done. Is there a way to make the car stay colored for the entire time?



during a morph, all color fills disappear and all stroked paths become black and opaque.

A car that is made up of simple black stroked paths with no color fills will be a better image to morph.

You could do some google searching to see if they are working on more movement features for color images.

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I thought I replied to this but maybe my post was flagged for review or something.

Color fills always disappear during a morph

All stroked paths become 100% black

If you want to use morph, images with black stroked paths and no color fills work best.

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