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Creating SVG's within Videoscribe!

Hi There!

I would love to be able to draw SVG's directly to canvas or at least have option(next to image upload button) to create SVG's withing Videoscribe


I find that jumping between Adobe animator or any other software just to create a picture brakes an effective workflow. (ideas come and go)

Tools to create SVG(brushes, color pallet and editing tools) could be very simplistic at the start - but having anything like that would be really something!



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Thanks for the idea Slawek, we'll see if other customers agree! Click on the like button under the original comment to vote for this idea!

Thanks for reply Barry! - If i knew i have to sell it to customers i would made a video presentation of the feature :P

                                       (ppl dont know what they want until they see it:))

Anyways, out of curiosity  - how many active users are using Videoscribe?



Grande ideia!!!!

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