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I can not download my video

Hii, when I try to download with the free trial, the program says I can not download it in my free trial! even with the videoscribe background template, why this?

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During the free trial you can upload to YouTube and Facebook and create a Powerpoint containing your scribe video on a single slide. Rendering as a video to your computer is not available during the free trial.

To be available, do I need to buy?

Yes, you need a paid subscription to save videoscribe videos on your computer.

With the free trial, you can only publish videos to youtube and facebook and powerpoint.

I have a pro version and it won't let me download video's an absurd mistake

 You should probably raise a ticket and provide a much more detailed description of the problem.

For example exactly what steps you have tried and any specific symptoms you see including error messages or unexpected program behaviors.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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