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Hi, in the previous version 3.1 I was able to quickly view camera on a selected object by single clicking it in the timeline. In version 3.2 I see I can view the camera on an object by right clicking it on the stage and clicking "View Camera", or using the camera settings in the expanded element view in the timeline.

However personally I prefer to also have the ability to view the camera on a selected object by single clicking it in the timeline -- it was quick & easy to do and helpful for navigating around a scribe, less clicks as well.

Just wanted to throw that out there, hopefully that can come back in a future version. Thanks for listening!

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Hi Mary,

Thanks for your feedback. I have passed it onto the VideoScribe project manager.

Please vote for this idea if you agree with Mary by clicking the 'Do you like this idea?' link beneath the original post.

I also wrote in about this when I tried v3.2 and noticed this. I have been using videoscribe almost every day for the last 6 years. I like the latest features, but being able to see instantly/easily where the camera will be for each item is vital for workflow. I hope this gets resolved very soon.

I can't see this functionality being changed again any time soon but, as I said, I have passed your thoughts onto the VideoScribe project manager.

I agree with you, Mary. The double click was a very practical and quick way to adjust your items, to focus the screen  and to work on your project. I tried the new version today and, although it has many new, nice improvements and images, my project was 2 times slower compared to 3.1.0 version. I had no choice but to uninstall the new version and reinstall the the 3.1.0 version. Sorry guys, but that tool is really necessary! Please bring the double click camera view back!!

I, too, want to support this idea. As Russ has said, this is a vital feature for workflow. The removal of this has drastically increased the time I spend on projects and as such is an unacceptable change for me. It's genuinely mind-boggling that this feature was taken out, as is the comment that "you can't see it changed again any time soon". Please continue to apply pressure to see this changed again.

There's another discussion where I've shared my arguments and suggestions on this topic, found here:

Frankly, taking that feature out is a pain in the ar5e for "Pro" users.

Not sure who made the decision, and based on what advice, but suspect they never worked as a fulltime coal-face user of the product. Yes it is "prettier" now, but rubbish from a workflow perspective.

We have just released v3.4.0 of VideoScribe and this brings back the double click the timeline element to show the camera position function as well as a number of other extra timeline functions. Upgrade to the latest version of VideoScribe to make the most of this new addition.

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