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When clicking on pictures to add to scribe, system stalls

Hi, this happened twice, but when <i click on a picture to add to my scribe, it says it is loading and may take a while. i selected a previously used picture. should i be searching for a picture every time even if I want to use an old one? When I´ve clicked on an image lately, the program stalls, and I wait 30 minutes with nothing happening and i have to force shut down the program and lose all my work. 

does someone have any advice for me on dealing with this?

Maybe your project already contains a lot of large image files that are exceeding videoscribe's memory limit. Does your scribe contain image files that are not in the videoscribe image library? What is the largest file size of all the images in your scribe?

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-Mike (videoscribe user)

If you get stuck on that screen, use the escape key to get out of it. Then save your work and try the instructions in the article Add image button does not work.

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