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Drawing SVG in specific order


Can anyone offer any advice for settings on SVG's to determine which order VS draws the layers? 

We're trying to get these svg's to draw handwriting text, from left to right and starting with line 1 and finishing with line 2 (the tick prob first or last). 

We think that the order has something to do with layering options in Adobe Illustrator. In the attached files, the '9-avoid.svg' file writes line 2 left to right, then line 1 and finally the tick. 

The '9-avoid-test.svg' files writes the tick first, then line 2 left to right and finally line 1 left to right. 

We don't want to import the font to VS as VS renders the font poorly, with the kerning out of balance, leaving gaps between some letters. 

Any help on how to order the drawing in Illustrator would be really helpful. 


Yes those both seem to be drawing exactly as expected based on the way videoscribe handles the order of paths when some of the paths are nested within groups.

If you find the drawing order of nested groups confusing, just take all of the paths out of their nested groups and put them in the main layer (layer 1)

Threads that explain the drawing order of SVGs:

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