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Futre of VideoScribe

I think about buying the lifetime membership but am hesitant since I'm not sure what Sparkol has in mind for VideoScribe's future. Over the years, most the changes made were to the interface and a few enhancements here and there. Even some VideoScribe bugs are still present (i.e. when copying and pasting a image using the MOVE feature you have to go in and change the 2nd image and subsequent images from draw to MOVE).

So, can the good folks at Sparkol talk more about your future thoughts/plans/endeavors for VideoScribe. Here are some of my thoughts:

1. The whiteboard world is growing. A lot more companies than there was when I first joined VideoScribe. I think one area that VideoScribe is lacking compared to their competition is animation. Animated GIFs or Morphing a line drawn image just doesn't compete with the competition. After using VideoScribe on Fiverr for a number of years by far, animation requests is the number one request.

2. Editing a complex videoscribe whiteboard animation is better than it was but still a pain. Hiding images so you can see images that are layered and trying to edit complex layouts is doable but very tedious and time consuming.

3. By now I would think Sparkol would of added more animation features. Fade feature is ok, but nor great.

4. I wonder if Sparkol folks look at their competition for ideas. On Fiverr I can tell you that the biggest competitors are: PowToon, Animaker, GoAnimate, and Doodly (this seems to be growing fast for using on Fiverr gigs).

Anyways, Sparkol, love to hear your future thoughts/ideas and plans for ViceoScribe especially if they are related to any of my comments above.


Hi Dan,

We are planning to include more animation features in VideoScribe in the future. Fade-out and move-out are a couple that we are hoping to implement. We will also be looking into adding a feature that will allow you to hide multiple elements at once.

We are currently working on changing the behaviour surrounding pasted elements so that they retain their animate method.

We do not currently have a publishable roadmap for VideoScribe but this is also something that we will be working on and we will keep you updated about any progress in that area.

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