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how to make voloring pages video using video scribe?

I want to ask how to make a video like this with scribe videos,like this video 
I see there are video elements that are drawn and the hand movements are very smooth. I beg for an explanation.

That was not made with videoscribe.

Videoscribe hand movement is different.

Videoscribe does not support spinning animated textures.

However, this similar video was probably done in Videoscribe:

Everything in that video can be done in videoscribe.

Start by watching the tutorials on the instant answers page and learning the basics of videoscribe. Then read, study and experiment with the tutorials and guides that teach you how to make custom SVG files (like this one). You will use embedded raster images as fill colors underneath the black line art. Transparent stroked paths are used to make the brush move around and paint the sparkliing color fills.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

thanks for answer, i will do it, anyway how to make video in videoscribe like this video?  moving eyes in drawing, how it work in videoscribe? thanks you

You can use animated gifs in videoscribe.

However in the video you provided, The blinking was added to the video using a separate video editing program. The blink effect was made by covering the open eyes with a separate drawing of closed eyes for about 1 to 10 frames of the video. The sound effects were probably added at the same time.

If you play the video at the slowest speed, you can see that part of the white area around the closed eyes overlaps the hand that is drawing them at time stamp: 0:27. That indicates that the closed eyes were probably added after the video was made.


-Mike (videoscribe user)

thanks you so,i can make video like that.. i love videoscribe

i want to ask again

does this use videoscribe? if so how do you color the moving image like in the video? I'm sure it's made videoscribe. please enlighten :)

chek this video :

Videoscribe cannot use animated video clips as color fills. If that video was done in videoscribe, then the animated background color was added afterward using a video editing program like aftereffects.

How to use chroma key color removal in aftereffects to remove one color from a vido and replace it with another video or image:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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