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Illustrator update - SVG's not drawing properly anymore

Hi all,

I am having tons of issues getting my Illustrator graphics to draw correctly in VideoScribe and I'm suspicious that it may have to do with some Illustrator updates. I'm running Illustrator CC 2018. I have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions posted on the other threads with no success. I took an old SVG exported for Videoscribe from December 2016, imported it into VideoScribe, and it worked fine. I then opened that Illustrator file, exported the SVG with the same settings, and the new one did not work at all. It came in as all black, outlined the outlines of the strokes (created with the pencil tool), and then filled in the colors weird. I tried creating a basic new shape- just a pentagon with a black outline and yellow fill. It draws in the outline first, however anywhere that the fill is under the outline, it draws it in as yellow in that spot on the outline. Very strange. 

Does anyone have any issues or thoughts on that? I've now been troubleshooting this for 3 hours with two other people and we are stumped. Thanks. 

It may help if you attach the SVG and maybe provide screenshots of "filled in the colors weird" and the save options panel showing the options you used.

Make sure you use "SAVE AS..."  instead of save for web or any other methods.

also, there are more CC tips at:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks for the quick response Mike. Attaching two SVG's here! I tried it with two layers and with one layer. I also tried Saving As with all of the boxes unchecked, and with two of them checked (saw it done this way in another forum).


Thanks for the files!

Your save setting look are fine.

The problem is that all of your color filled paths also have colored strokes on them.

To solve the problem, remove the strokes from all of the color fills. Leave the black strokes intact.

Save the SVG with a new name and test it.

(When a stroked path is drawn, it reveals every color that in every layer with which it intersects).

Hi Mike,

Thank you! That worked... mostly. If there's a background color, the stroke draws that color during that spot. See attachments. I'm also attaching the SVG. Any thoughts on that??

Thank you!





That's  the way layered colors work. The solution is to remove the part of the black line behind the blue color fill .

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