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Making an existing SVG draw better

Hi all

OK I have got the hang of using a png in illustrator, drawing paths then savng to svg and all works well when brought into Videoscribe.

However I have a number of older svgs which seem to draw a complex outline of the strokes and then fill them in (black) at the end. I cant figure out if there is a quick way to convert them to simple strokes in ai so they draw simply in Videoscribe

 I will attach an example. Thanks all

Thanks for posting your results!

Yes I think the culprit in all this is Illustrator which is continually being ‘updated’. I tried a couple of other svg graphics and a common problem is that often I need to rasterise at 300 to get a reasonable image. Illustrator then warns that it’s big and tracing may be slow. I then find that I am unable to get a trace preview even after increasing the stroke to 100px (maximum). The preview is an incomplete image. I am finding it quicker to export as transparent png and then manually draw a stroked path on new layer (s) and save that to svg. It’s quite quick with a tablet.

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