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How to keep the slide not moving

Hi guys, i'm a newbee, hope you guys help me!!!! When i add elements, sometimes my mouse moves unwillingly and causes the slide moving. The slide doesn't stay at the first place. How can i solve this problem? Or i have to make a new slide? One more question, how can i redo when i make mistakes? Particularly, when i don't lock the added elements (after that it's moving in a single screen). Many thanks in advance❤️

How to set the camera for each element:  tutorial-2-setting-the-camera-and-create-a-second-scene

If you accidentally move the camera and you want to return to a camera position for any element,  click the thumbnail for that element two times in the timeline at the bottom of the screen.

If you accidentally move an element, move it manually back to its previous position.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Mike, thanks so much for your response! I did set the camera.. and redid the steps manually, but i didn't work... i will try the thumbnail.^^

I may not have understood your question, so if you are stuck, please describe very specifically what you are trying to do, the steps you are taking, and exactly what is going right and wrong.

Or possibly if someone else understand they may chime in with some advice.


Mike (videoscribe user)

Thank you Mike, i send u this trim 1., probably u can understand what i meant. The slide or screen was pushed up and down, sometimes too much. And in the other trim, it was another problem. It's about the running items. I already locked the camera after add the elements, but the elements still run out of controll:)))). Like " das Buch" and " das Mädchen" in this Video. How i can redo that without deleting and doing them manually all the time? Thanks so much for your help❤️

To stop the screen moving when the next element is drawn, you need to get the camera into the correct position, select the element which has the wrong camera position set to it and then click the set camera icon. To get the camera to the correct position, you can click twice on an element before or after in the timeline that has the correct camera position set to it. This will move the camera to the correct position. Then select the other element (the one with the wrong camera position set to it) by clicking it once in the timeline and then click the set camera icon.

Thank you so much. I 'll try it ^^
Hi!!!i already clicked the element on the time line twice but... I can not fix the screen.. help me:((( thank you!!!!!.

Another one!!!!! Huhuhu

You have been moving the camera around while you work, so you end up saving a bunch of different camera positions for different elements.

If you want the camera to stay in the same location for multiple elements, then you have to set the same camera position for all of those elements.

1) Put all of the elements where you want them,
2) position the camera where you want it for those elements
3) select all of the elements
4) click the set-camera icon

now they should all share the same camera position


1) Put all of the elements where you want them,
2) position the camera where you want it for those elements
3) select each one and set the camera for each one individually if you can do it without moving the camera

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thank you!!!! Your Option 2 i always did actually... i've just tried the " select all and set the camera" but when i preview, nothing happens. The video doesn't play...

Hi Huyen

Thanks for getting in touch.

Please save your scribe online (let us know the name) and raise a support ticket here.

We can then have a look at it for you.

Thank u! I just got it, but after >1hrs rending, i have an error... why could it happen????? After hours working on it and waiting for the product.. now "Error"...
What should i do then? Huhuju. Can not renden. Wait for 24hrs to renden... could i split the video? And how? My video is about 15minute long.. can i copy from a video and paste this to another video in scribe?

Please save a copy of the scribe to your online directory, let me know the name and I can take a look for you.

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