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Video distorts in between


I rendered my first video but i am struggling with the quality i need ..Its AVI file, 1080 (Full HD) with 35 Frame Rate but somehow the video distorts in between. plz check the attached file and see in between, the video isnt that smooth as it should be. How can I fix it?

I think you are referring to the fact that the hand jumps from the end of each line to the beginning of the next line. Usually whiteboard videos are drawn at a medium to fast speed, so the "jump" is not noticeable. If you use a shorter drawing time, it will look better and the viewers won't get bored waiting for the drawing to be finished.

If for some reason you need the drawing to be very slow, you can add extra lines to your SVG that connect the end of each line to the beginning of the next line. Make all of the connecting lines transparent so they will not be visible in videoscribe, The hand will still "trace" them providing a slow smooth transition between lines.

25 or 30 fps are usually recommended unless you have a specific reason to use 35.

I hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)

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