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Is Tamil font Indian Language avilable ?

Is Tamil font Indian Language avilable ?

You may need to try it and see.

This thread contains information about fonts that are supported and the extra steps you can take to use fonts that are not supported:

tutorial for making SVGs for unsupported fonts and languages:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

((Correction)) the second link was supposed to be this one:

This is very disappointing. The older version had an option to upload fonts and use it. Now the new version removes that option.

I recently bought your product and the essential element (tamil font ) is not working.

Tamil characters would not have worked in the old version even if you uploaded a font that included it.

One of the reasons we moved to Google Fonts was to support more languages. We've added Arabic (RTL & Cursive), Chinese Simplified, Japanese & Korean so far. We're pretty close with Hindi too.

If Tamil is important to make sure you request it here - What fonts and languages would you like to see?

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